Tabebuia Waters : Solo Exhibition

Taylor Mckie masterfully employs photography to capture and convey her surroundings in Tabebuia Waters, a visual diary that unveils a collection of emotions and fleeting moments she has encountered. Drawing from the shared luxury found within the black community, Mckie explores the profound solace and tranquility that can be discovered in the mundane aspects of life.

In a society marred by years of discrimination, the concept of luxury has transformed into an ironic contradiction, wherein the black community finds pleasure in everyday activities. Tabebuia Waters delves into this irony by juxtaposing black bodies with bodies of water, utilizing beaches and pools as symbolic backdrops.

By employing analogue photography as her medium of choice, Mckie effectively translates the essence of black luxuries in relation to water to her viewers. Through candid portraits and meticulously composed fashion photographs set against aquatic landscapes, she offers a unique glimpse into the black experience within these aquatic spaces.

Tabebuia Waters serves as a powerful testament to the resilience and beauty of the black community, capturing both the intimate moments and the broader narrative of their existence. Mckie's artistry provides a platform for understanding and appreciation, inviting viewers to engage with and reflect upon the multifaceted experiences of black individuals in aquatic environments.

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